RELATED VIBRATIONS Here is a draft page I’ve been adding various reference pieces of sounds music and lectures to show what I have been researching and gathering inspiration from. This is for potential atmospheres,… Continue reading


 INITIAL IGNITION  I am interested in the set design and performance aspects of participatory art. I am drawing from my past experiences with performances, installations, and working at a local haunted house as… Continue reading


I found my self feeling quite lost, confused, and stuck while thinking of ways to execute my ideas successfully. There were uncontrollable factors that rendered my original plans obsolete or too difficult to… Continue reading


Artists using camouflage

I’m currently looking up other artists who have used aspects of camouflage, invisibility, nature awareness, body as landscape within their works and subject matter. Ana Mendieta, A Cuban American,feminist, performance artist, sculptor, video… Continue reading

Human Camo

For my Design for Media project I have chosen to pursue  the assignment “Figure as Landscape”.  The requirements are as follows: Create a series of compositions where Landscape is visually read “first” and figure… Continue reading